Offered by Griffith Propagation Nursery, Inc.:

Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Lady In Red’ PP#15,175
(Shrub to 4 feet) (Zone 6-9)  An introduction from Michael Dirr and UGA. The lacecap blooms are a pink/white that fade to a burgundy red. The stem, petioles, and leaf venation are red. Fall color is an attractive burgundy. Bred for dark green foliage, mildew resistance and leaf spot resistance.     

‘Lady In Red’ Liners,  Pots, Tags & Stakes     (Prices subject to change)


$1.50 each

8” Pots

$0.20 each

3 Gallon Pots

$0.30 each

5 Gallon or Larger


Tags & Stakes (one per liner)

$0.30 each

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  • Purchase of plants requires signing a License Agreement and Liner Order Form.  'Lady in Red' may be produced in #1 (2.66 quarts/ 2.51 liter) standard container or larger. (Contact Griffith Propagation Nursery, Inc. for License Agreement, Liner Order Form, Tags and Stakes)

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