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Buddleia 'Silver Anniversary' PP#17,332 - found on our PlantHaven Collection page
Buddleia davidii ‘Attraction’
(perennial/shrub to 6 ft.) (Zone 5.)  Redder and more compact than
 ‘Royal Red’. A seedling selection of Mike Dirr’s named by Ted Stephens
 of Nurseries Caroliniana in North Augusta, SC.           
Buddleia davidii ‘Bicolor’
(perennial/shrub to 6 to 8 feet) (Zone 5)   A Dirr seedling selection from ‘Honeycomb’. Bicolored lavender and butter-scotch flowers in the same inflorescence. Wonderful fragrance.                            
Buddleia davidii ‘Black Knight’
(perennial/shrub, 8-10 feet) (Zone 5) Very dark purple flowers.


Buddleia davidii ‘Ellen’s Blue’
(perennial/shrub to 6 feet) (Zone 5) Blue flowers with grayish silver foliage.                                                                    

Buddleia davidii ‘Griffin Blue’
(perennial/shrub to 6 feet) (Zone 6)  A selection from the UGA Experiment Station in Griffin, GA.  True blue flowers are held upright on this semi-compact shrub.    
Buddleia davidii ‘Guinevere’
(perennial/shrub to 10 feet) (Zone 5)  Deep black-purple, fragrant flowers and dark green foliage. A more robust grower than ‘Black Knight'                                                                 
Buddleia davidii ‘Pink Delight’
(perennial/shrub) (Zone 5) Pink flower.     
‘Pink Delight’



Buddleia davidii ‘Potter’s Purple’
(perennial/shrub) (Zone 5) Dark purple flowers.                                    

Buddleia davidii ‘Royal Red’
(perennial/shrub) (Zone 5) Burgundy flowers.
Buddleia davidii ‘Silver Frost’ ’
(perennial/shrub to 5 feet). (Zone 5)  A seedling selection from ‘Lochinch’ by Mike Dirr. White flowers and silver-gray foliage.  A  more compact grower with flowers held more upright than other white-flowering cultivars like ‘White Profusion’ and
 ‘White  Banquet’.                                        
Buddleias ‘Silver Frost’ left,  ‘Guinevere’ on right
Buddleia davidii ‘White Ball’
(perennial/shrub to 2 feet) (Zone 5)  Extremely compact, white-flowering cultivar.                      
Buddleia davidii ‘‘White Profusion’
(perennial/shrub) (Zone 5) White flowers.     .70¢ each
‘White Profusion’


Buddleia ×weyeriana ‘Honeycomb’  
(perennial/shrub to 10 feet) (Zone 5)  Bright yellow flowers, dark green foliage, and globose growth habit. Named by Griffith Propagation Nursery.                                                                  

Buddleia 'Honeycomb'

Buxus microphylla 'Golden Dream' PP#16,052 - found on our PlantHaven Collection Page
Buxus var. koreana x B. sempervirens 'Green Velvet'  
(Shrub to 4 feet) (Zone 6)  Rounded, full-bodied, slow-growing      Buxus with small dark green leaves.    4' x4'                                 




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